Salt & Light Testimonial

I was contacted by Salt & Light a couple of months ago to partner with them to produce a video that would help explain their new ministry model. Salt & Light had functioned as a food pantry and clothes closet for a number of years, giving away food and clothing to those in need. But they have recently adopted a new way of helping those in need, rather than just giving things away, they partner with people to utilize their gifts and instill value and worth to those they serve.

As I became familiar with their ministry model, I confess that it was enlightening and challenging to think about poverty alleviation efforts in a new way. It was a fun piece to produce and I had a great time getting to know some of the folks that are involved with the ministry of Salt & Light.

To learn more about their model of ministry, check out the book Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton or visit their website at Salt & Light.

You can view the video Broadleaf produced for Salt & Light here