Telling stories matters and how it can help your business

Since the dawn of time, people have used stories to communicate with one another. Whether you realize it or not you tell stories all day long. You narrate a story to your co-workers about what you did over the weekend, you tell your children about walking uphill in the snow to get to and from school, we recount the amazing play from last night’s game.  Stories are how we build connections with one another. We think of our lives as a story. Everyday there are countless little events that comprise what we experience. Story becomes the structure by which we organize all of those events.

When a story is told well, it captivates us and often times we end up sharing it with others.  In fact we love to share stories. One of my favorite things to do is to go fishing for northern pike in Canada with a group of friends. If there is a group of people that love to tell stories, it’s fishermen. Our last trip was truly spectacular, the weather, lodging and the fishing were all amazing (I promise this isn’t a fish story).  Every night we would sit around the dinner table recounting the fish we caught with great detail.  We listened to find out what was working to catch fish and where we might find them.

Your customers do the same thing, they listen and look for what will meet their particular need. Salespeople relate stories of how a product works all the time.  And as content marketing and social media marketing continue to rise and develop, story telling becomes even more crucial to marketing your brand and growing your business. Being intentional about telling stories has never been more important. More than just telling stories, video brings the story to life showing the actual people and products in action. Having a customer or client give a testimony is a powerful way to grow your brand.

This is Broadleaf’s specialty, helping identify and bring to life the stories of your work to help grow your brand. Contact us if you would like to find out how we can help grow your business.